How to Apply for Aadhar Center? आधार सेंटर कैसे खोलें?

How to Apply for Aadhar Center? आधार सेंटर कैसे खोलें?

Steps to Apply for Aadhaar Center

1. Technical Specification Required to open an Aadhaar Enrolment Center

  • Laptop (Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer) or Desktop PC. Preferred configuration i3, i5 or higher (6th Generation or above) processor. 8 GB RAM. 500 GB SSD. 4 Ports or above USB Hub. Installed OS Windows 10 Pro x64 bit or Windows 11 Pro x64 bit.
  • Extra Monitor to display resident entered data at the time of enrolment.
  • Bio metric Aadhar kit (Fingerprint Scanner, Iris Scanner, Web camera). Preferred brands Cogent, Thales, Delta CmiTech, Morpho, L1, Crossmatch Finger.
  • Single finger scanner device. Preferred brands Morpho, Mantra.
  • Single Iris scanner device. Preferred brands Mantra.
  • Multi-function printer (Print/Scan/Copy).
  • White Background curtain or flex or banner with standee.
  • GPS Device for getting location latitude and longitude. Preferred brand Globalsat G-Star.
  • Thermal Printer if token generation required. Preferred band BluPrints.
  • Focus light or Lamp.
  • Anti-virus software with latest threat updates.
  • Technical support plan (Optional). We'll take care of Aadhar bio metric devices software related problems, tech support, installation of drivers and software. Remote support available PAN India.
  • Extended warranty plan (Optional) for your Aadhar enrolment station (Laptop, PC, Bio metric kit). It will help to get repair of hardware related issues of Laptop, printer and aadhar kit. We are having one stop solution for repair and maintenance of all your technical products related to Aadhaar, banking and others.

2. What documents are requred to open an aadhar enorlment/update center?

  • Aadhaar Card of Supervisor/Applicant. Aadhar card should be updated demographic and bio metric data.
  • PAN card.
  • 1 Passport sized photograph.
  • UIDAI Certified Aadhaar Supervisor Certificate. Please note UID Supervisor certificate should be issued on or after 01 Oct 2022, if you are applying in Madhya Pradesh under government premises.
  • Original copy of Authorization letter, if you don't have aadhaar Supervisor Certificate. Authorization letter is a mandatory document to participate in UIDAI Exam. Applicant should bring original authorization letter at the time of conducting exam in NSEIT exam centre. Make sure Authorization letter should be signed with date of issue and stamped of organization of issuing authority (Registrar/Enrolment Agency) for attending the exam. Note: Authorization letter should be issued within last 30 days on the day of participating in exam. If applicant failed to attend the exam within 30 days, he must to get new Authorization letter again. Please visit the NSEIT link for more details.

3. Aadhaar Supervisor I'D Generation or On-Boarding

  • If you have technical hardware specification given in step 1 and obtained supervisor certificate, now you can contact Aadhaar Enrollment Agency, Registrar (State Government or Bank) allotted by UIDAI or vendor.

4. Software Installation

  • Install Aadhaar Enrolment Client (ECMP) or Aadhaar Update Client (UCL)
  • Operating system should be updated.
  • Latest Drivers and software should be installed for printer, biometric devices, finger scanner, Iris Scanner, Web Camera, GPS, Thermal Printer and all other devices

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